Healthy and delicious products from Slovakia

Breakfast cereals

Breakfast cereals taste great and can fill the body for a long time. They can be combined with milk, juice, fruit, or nuts.

Gluten-free products

Gluten-free products are easily digestible and suitable for people with celiac disease.


Sweeteners to make food and drinks more tasty.


Good for traveling or while being home as a snack. Our wafers are without any added sugar, gluten-free, and with a lot of fiber.

Delicious crisps

Our crisps are a delicacy to both young and old. They are produced of wholegrain flour, without added salt and sugar.

Other products

The assortment of LINIA medallions with minerals is the ideal beginning for a better day. A high amount of fiber helps with digesting and preceding variant diseases.

Our production began 20 years ago!

Company ARIKA s.r.o. was established in 2001. As a start-up, the company had been focusing on the production of candy with fruity and menthol flavors.

Little by little our assortment expanded by adding candy made of grape sugar and sorbitol which were both sugar-free. After purchasing another tableting press, our production expanded and we started produce sweeteners for diabetics. Our production portfolio expanded by wrapping HB sugar in the same year.

Since the beginning of 2017, ARIKA s.r.o took over production from VEPY s.r.o. and started to produce extruded products under the brand VEPY.

As a breakfast

On travels

A snack to a good movie

Or just like that

We care about health

We are doing everything possible to make our products not just delicious but also healthy and good for your body. We appeal as a producer in ecological agriculture.

Suitable for people suffering from diabetes

Delicious extruded products and sweeteners are proper for people suffering from diabetes

First-class materials

We care about the quality of our products and that is why we choose our suppliers very carefully.

Ecological agriculture

Everything we do, we take ecology into consideration. Ecological agriculture enables us to produce BIO products.

Ecological production

In January 2017, ARIKA company was registered as an operator in ecological agricultural production which enables us to produce BIO products.